Rebel Wilson's New Slimmed-Down Figure: Fans Praise Her For How She's Lost Her Weight Over Recent Times

Date January 21, 2020

Body-positive Rebel Wilson admitted she had lost eight pounds just in four days while filming Cats. In particular, it wasn't her choice whatsoever but the directors' techniques to include as much activity as possible, alongside heating up the room at almost 100 Fahrenheit. However, Rebel Wilson has lost her weight for real now!

How is Rebel Wilson losing weight?

During 10 days, the Hollywood actress has been up to workouts with a professional trainer, Jono Castano. Several days ago, he posted a photo and a video of Rebel working out.

You can see how the Pitch Perfect star intensively did cardio training, which is effective for losing weight. It's still unknown, though, why Wilson has decided to cut off some pounds: whether due to her new upcoming role or for her own well-being.

People supported the actress on social media


You go girl @rebelwilson! You look amazing! You were always looking good, but you got this!!! Bring that sexy on πŸ’ͺ😘❀️


Awesuuuuuume! Well Done @rebelwilsonπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


What omg!! I love her!!! πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»


Shut the front door!! Love her ❀️ #fangirling

Is Rebel Wilson fine with her weight?

Yes. Working out regularly doesn't mean you hate your body image; it can imply you just want to look fit and healthy. Her curves had been an asset in the US while she was rejected for her figure in Australia.

Wilson is aware of people's biased attitude to people like her. Still, she doesn't care about anyone's opinion and intend to be a role model for those individuals who suffer from hating oneself. The Bridesmaids star told Cosmopolitan:

Being unique and different was a really good thing.

She told AP News almost the same because she knows Hollywood respects such women as she is, and she's such a rare asset to the movies. Therefore, Rebel Wilson is more than okay with her weight, body, and everything about her appearance.

How to love yourself

  • Stop comparing yourself to other; we all have something unique and beautiful.
  • Discover all your strengths and weaknesses so that you'll know who you are.
  • Work on forgiving yourself for mistakes, forgetting unfavorable past, and retrieving lessons from every situation.
  • Tell yourself you deserve happiness, self-love, and respect.
  • Stand up for yourself and feel your feelings.
  • Practice gratitude, work on yourself and allow yourself to be you.

We hope some of the aforementioned tips will help you to find self-acceptance and self-love if you feel like you've lost it somewhere. It's not easy to feel okay with own self time from time, but such people like Rebel Wilson strongly motivate and effortlessly encourage others to cherish life and a personality. In case you think you aren't worthy, you are enough as you are!

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