51-Year-Old Celine Dion Has Been Hailed As “Queen Of Halloween” For Her Incredible Costume

Date November 1, 2019

Celine Dion takes her Halloween celebration very seriously. She not only dresses up her children but she also likes to put on a costume herself in a scary family act.

Our favorite of Celine Dion Halloween costumes is the one she chose in 2017 when she dressed up as Maleficent. The Canadian songstress posed with her twin boys for the most spookily adorable Instagram post ever.

However, for this year’s Halloween, Dion has definitely outshined herself.

Celine Dion’s Halloween photo

On the 2019’s Halloween celebration, the 51-year-old took to her social media account to wish her fans a happy holiday.

The legendary singer posted a snap of her costume and took over social media by storm with her looks. It’s by far the most fabulous thing she has ever put on.

Dion posed as a seductive mummy, elevating the classic character to a high fashion level. Her all-white look will surely be recreated by many social media users.

Fans love Celine’s costume

If there was an award for the most stylish yet spooky costume, Dion would have definitely snatched the prize. It’s hard to look seductive on Halloween without crossing the line of being vulgar but My Heat Will Go On hitmaker managed to do just that! What did you dress up as for this Halloween?

Celine Dion