She Was A Goddess: Marilyn Monroe With No Makeup Still Looked Absolutely Gorgeous

Date November 20, 2019

Ever since her star started shining brightly in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe’s makeup became the etalon of Hollywood Glamor. The actress who is still considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world had a signature look which has been recreated numerous times after her passing.

The Hollywood diva was a fan of the 50s classics: bright red lip, black eyeliner and loads of mascara. But how did Marilyn Monroe look with no makeup on?

Pictures of Marilyn Monroe with no makeup

Marilyn Monroe was a naturally beautiful woman. She had the incredible youthful glow that she chose to hide under layers of makeup.

The actress would rarely appear without being all dolled-up but there are some natural shots that show her real beauty.

We personally love this impromptu shot of Marilyn. She looks so happy, relaxed, and charmingly beautiful. In the picture, we can see the blond bombshell sporting a stylish black-and-white bikini and a huge smile. It appears that the photo was taken right after she took a dip in the pool behind her.

During her years of working in the cinema industry, Monroe had learned a lot of tricks. She always carried ginger candy in case she had an upset stomach and she also used to wear hair extensions.

The actress also believed to be always wearing Vaseline on her face on movie sets to get that lit-within look. But judging by her no-makeup photos, she didn’t need any tricks because she was a natural stunner. Don’t you agree?