Ageless Priscilla Presley Gets Her Street Style Look To The New Level In Chic Fall Attire During Getaway In London

Date November 25, 2019 10:26

Priscilla Presley looked fabulous in chic fall attire as she visited the BBC TV Centre in London. We can’t get enough of her spectacular street style look!

Priscilla Presley’s street style look

Last week, Priscilla Presley was spotted in London on her way to the BBC TV Centre. The 74-year-old star showed off her exceptional sense of style in a monochrome black gown.

Late Elvis’ wife wore a stylish knee-length black coat teamed with black pants. Priscilla completed her outfit with black gloves and a matching purse with golden details.

The black ensemble made a perfect combo with Priscilla’s red hair. The queen of street style arrived!

Priscilla’s beauty secrets

Ageless Priscilla Presley is a role model of elegance and style. Once, Priscilla was asked what she felt being labeled one of the world's most beautiful women.

Mrs. Presley responded:

It's a burden if you feel you always have to look your best because people are watching you. I try to relax and not worry about the label.

Priscilla added that it’s very important for every woman to find time for herself no matter what. That’s what she does to stay beautiful and glowing.

I always arrange time to be by myself. I have to be able to sit back and think, to reason things out. Otherwise, I tend to let problems become bigger than they really are.

Do you also find inspiration in fabulous Priscilla Presley’s style? Not every woman in her 70+ can look as fantastic as Priscilla does!