New Video Of Sylvester Stallone Leaves People Confused: "What's Wrong With His Face?"

Date February 4, 2020

Sylvester Stallone's face has become a topic of conversation recently. Are people overreacting or is there really something to be worried about?

Changes to his appearance

At age 73, it's understandable that Sylvester's facial appearance has changed considerably. The legendary actor has been gracing our TV screens for decades now and he has sure come a long way since his Rocky days.

New Video Of Sylvester Stallone Leaves People Confused: "What's Wrong With His Face?"Getty Images / Ideal Image

While Sylvester, aka Sly, hasn't exactly confirmed or denied he's had some work done on his face, there are those who believe he has. Among them is plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Hamaway who told Closer Weekly that he believed the actor must have undergone eyelids lift and brows lift as a way to keep his face youthful. However, Hamaway opined that these types of procedures often "look awkward on men."

Fans are concerned

There has been a lot of reactions following Sylvester Stallone's Super Bowl commercial. The actor joined other famous people for a Facebook Groups ad and fans were quite confused.

Sly's moment came towards the end of the video and even though his appearance was only a couple of seconds long, it wasn't missed. And people had plenty to say.

Many social media users posted comments where they expressed their shock about the actor's face.

Some, like Hamaway, theorized that he was looking particularly odd due to the cosmetic procedures he had done to his face.

Overall, there were a lot of questions mostly revolving around why he looked the way he did.

A picture of the actor spending time with his daughters also sparked a similar reaction

@giantsmama4evaar wanted to know:

What's wrong with his face. Too many fillers.

Dedication to fitness

Regardless of his aging looks, Sylvester Stallone remains focused on fitness.

When it comes to this area, he doesn't allow age to hold him back.

  • Fitness expert Gunnar Peterson revealed to MensJournal that Sylvester enjoys doing pull-ups and often hits the gym four times a week for an hour session each time.
  • Gunnar also confirmed the actor's love for boxing and his determination to maintain his athleticism.
  • According to Borntoworkout, Sylvester Stallone's gym training usually focuses on his forearms and shoulders.

We can't say for sure that Sly's looks have anything to do with facelifts or other procedures. And while fans' curiosity is understandable, it's still better to be kind. The fact remains that people change as they get older and there's little one can do about it. It's a better idea to focus on Sly's impressive talents and dedication to his health. As long as he's strong and healthy, there's no reason to be worried.