Eva Mendes Chops Off Her Luscious Brown Hair And Fans Are Amazed By The Transformation

Date February 5, 2020 15:46

A little hair transformation can lead to some magical results. Actress Eva Mendes proved that recently with a hair change and we're learning quite a bit from her.

Eva Mendes' hair regimen

There are many reasons why fans love this 45-year-old actress. In addition to her beauty and talents, we can't help but adore a luscious brown hair. Somehow, she always looks so perfect and well-groomed. And as it turns out, this doesn't happen by magic.

While speaking to RedBook Magazine, Eva revealed that hair treatments were her way to keep her hair looking so good and coconut oil was one of her go-to products.

I massage it in, then I put on a shower cap, leave it on overnight, and rinse it out the next morning.

According to FashionLady, the actress also ensured her hair health remained a priority considering all the styling it had to go through during filming.

A hair transformation

A couple of weeks ago, Eva teased her fans with the news that she was "saying goodbye" to her long locks. She shared a video showing her absolutely glowing with her long hair falling gracefully down her shoulder.

Eva Mendes later showed off a sleek new bob after she made the big chop.

In the subsequent video, the actress looked fantastic showing off her lovely, albeit, much shorter hairdo.

Fans are loving it

Eva Mendes wasn't nervous about making this new hairstyle change and we can see why. She looked so chic and gorgeous in short hair and her fans agreed.


You are as lovely as ever and you rock your new hair cut.


Love this hair šŸ˜šŸ”„


Super cute outfit! And Hair! You are a true beauty inside and out! Keep slaying and showing what style and elegance is all about.


Love the new haircut!!


Love the short hair.


Just left the salon. If Iā€™d seen this about 3 hours ago, my hair would be a smidge shorter now. šŸ˜† Definitely flagging this post for my next visit. šŸ“ You look supa fresh, mama. šŸ˜

4 tips to keep in mind

If, like Eva, you want to go from a long to a short hairstyle, you should keep a few things in mind.

Eva Mendes Chops Off Her Luscious Brown Hair And Fans Are Amazed By The TransformationEva Mendes Chops Off Her Luscious Brown Hair And Fans Are Amazed By The TransformationSFROLOV / Shutterstock.com

  1. Celebrity stylist Riawna Capri advised that while you should take your face shape into consideration when making this change, you also shouldn't overthink things. There's always a type of short hairstyle to flatter any face shape.
  2. Capri also advised that it's best to educate yourself on styling options and processes when changing your hair length.
  3. If you are not 100% sure about making the big chop, you can try taking baby steps. Take off a little at a time and get used to each process. When you get to a point you're comfortable with, you can stop.
  4. You should cut your hair for the right reasons. According to SouthernLiving, cutting your hair when you reach a certain age or going to tough emotional moments may sound tempting or expected. But don't cut your hair just because you think you should. Experiment with your looks, sure. But you shouldn't force what you don't want.

Eva Mendes Chops Off Her Luscious Brown Hair And Fans Are Amazed By The TransformationLitvinov / Shutterstock.com

A person's hairstyle is a major part of how they look. Making a hairstyle change can sometimes feel like a very risky move but it does pay off. It's nice to explore ways you can potentially look different. This way, you stay trendy and keep things fresh, no matter your age.

So, have you been inspired by Eva's transformation?

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