41-Year-Old Katie Holmes Showcases Top High-Street Outfits That We All Need To Have This Season

Date January 31, 2020 14:56

Katie Holmes isn’t just a Hollywood actress but also a fashion designer. Years ago, she launched her own collection with a partner, Jeanne Yang. The Holmes & Yang fashion collection was even portrayed on the runaway in 2013.

However, the two ladies ended their five-year partnership due to “interpersonal conflict.” The line also faced difficulties as Katie and Jeanne were on different coasts and wanted other things. Yet, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife has become even more stylish than before!

Katie Holmes’ fashion

The mother-of-one has become the world’s favorite street style icon. Especially after breaking up from Jamie Foxx, Holmes was spotted wearing superb clothes, which we didn’t see on anyone else. Here is the slideshow of her most fabulous outfits.

This week, the American actress showed us how to look stunningly gorgeous in high-street outfits, including coats, jeans, and hoodies. For instance, this combination of wide-leg blue jeans, a striped sweater, an elegant grey coat, classic shoes, and a matching bag will make you look super fashionable while running errands.

Another street outfit includes classic wide-leg grey pants, a green hoodie, the same grey coat, and a pair of stylish sneakers that will make you look attractive at any casual meeting or shopping.

Though the third number was a week ago, it won’t hurt to mention it as an additional stylish choice for high-street fashion. Wide-leg ripped jeans, a pastel coat, a point-toe black boots, and a matching black bag will definitely make you the queen of your city.

Katie Holmes’ fashion approaches

The 41-year-old has said the following about her fashion and beauty:

  1. “I just wear pieces that I like. It’s sort of like finding the right designers that can make your life easier and make it look effortless.”
  2. “My approach to fashion is ... I don’t want it to be very difficult.”
  3. “I feel very fortunate to be able to be in a creative profession, and part of the joy of that is dressing and enjoying the opportunity to wear new designers. I have fun with it.”
  4. "I just pick what I like wearing. I don’t have a lot of time to choose, but I go with classics and kind of throw it on and walk out."

Adding to the top of it, Katie Holmes is also fond of fitness routine, namely yoga, boxing, running, and bike riding. Her figure is incredible, and her style is beyond explanations. We really want to take some tips from her recent street outlooks because it looks simple, affordable, and fabulous to do quick errands, go for a coffee with friends, or go grocery shopping.

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