Elizabeth Hurley And Her 17-Year-Old Son's Christmas Selfie Show Their Identical Appearance

Date December 27, 2019 13:41

Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian is actively taking over the social media empire with his extraordinary appearance. The 17-year-old boy is undoubtedly becoming to look more and more like his charming mother due to his recent changes to become a female-like.

What does Damian do in life?

To cut a long story short, Damian Hurley is a professional model. Due to his unique beauty, modeling agencies notably wants to see him in their works. He also made his TV debut on his mother’s show, The Royals, in 2016.

Apart from his whirlwind lifestyle and modeling career, Elizabeth Hurley’s son is a normal kid, who likes hanging out with friends, and he even attends a boarding school, according to reports.

Elizabeth Hurley 2019

When 17-year-old Damian posted a Christmas selfie with his incredible mother, the world was in shock — the professional model is Liz’s exact copy. The two donned black beanies, winter coats, and even the same gorgeous and voluminous locks.

Damian was also seen wearing makeup, looking more like his mum’s younger sister. People got confused and referred to the boy as a girl.

Yet, other people expressed their emotions in a positive vibe


The most beautiful mother-son duo


Copy-paste...and you 2 are soooo beautiful 😍❤️🎄🎅💫💖💖💖


Twins. How can any human beings be this PERFECT. ❤️💙


Wow you are your mums double 😱

Multi-million inheritance

According to multiple sources, Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian has won a multi-million inheritance battle — the 17-year-old reportedly will get some of his dad Steve Bing’s huge fortune, despite his grandfather’s attempts to cut him off.

Daily Mail added that Steve Bing’s net worth is estimated at $475 million, and his son has all the right to get some of this impressive amount.

Things you probably didn’t know about Damian Hurley

  • His godfather is Elizabeth Hurley’s ex, Hugh Grant, and they have an excellent bond between each other.
  • His biological father refused to believe Damian was his son and turned to DNA results to find out the truth.
  • His dad pays around $131K annually, and the whole amount is put into a trust fund until Damian turns 18.

Well, that’s a wrap-up for today! We didn’t expect to see Damian with all these locks, makeup, and feminine outlook as a whole. However, it makes him look more like his 54-year-old mother, Liz. What do you think about all of it?

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