We Are Obsessed With Queen Rania Of Jordan's Style And You May Take Some Tips How To Look Ravishing In 50s

Date January 27, 2020 16:24

Queen Rania of Jordan has become one of the most recognized females in the world. Her social work, fashion choices, and decent personality have made dozens of people fall in love with her. Here are some facts:

  • She worked in the marketing sector for Apple Computers in Amman.
  • She has a degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo, Egypt.
  • She has been married to King Abdullah II of Jordan since 1993. They have four kids: daughters, Princesses Iman and Salma, and sons, Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II and Prince Hasheem.

Queen Rania continually promotes female empowerment, education, philanthropist actions, and peace-making campaigns. Besides, she has become a style icon on Instagram for many ladies!

Queen Rania’s fashion on Instagram

While promoting Jordan in a global arena, Queen Rania usually stuns in high-end brands, inspirational clothes, and excellent fashion choices.

Although the mother-of-four seems to have expensive outfits, they actually cost a thing per her office’s information. They noted that Queen Rania’s clothes are either “offered as gifts by fashion houses” or “borrowed” or “purchased at reduced special prices.”

The office continued:

Some may deplore the fact that a person of Her Majesty’s status accepts the principle of ‘borrowing,’ but we do not advertise or promote fashion on any of Her Majesty’s pages on social networking platforms unless the designs are Jordanian.

Take tips on how to look ravishing in the 50s with Queen Rania’s 3 wardrobe essentials:

1. Button-down blouses. This go-to garment would look fantastic with everything and would match skirts, pants, and even robe dresses.

2. Statement skirts. Queen Rania is fond of midi skirts with different designs, including Jordanian detailing, floral prints, and more.

3. Neutral-color piece. It will make you look vivid if you pair a neutral blazer and turtleneck with something colorful below. Or, you can opt for all-neutral for any business occasion.

The ever-trendy Queen of Jordan

Even though Queen Rania has an exquisite style and shows masterclasses on how to dress up, she prefers people to respect and know her not for her fashion, but social work and charity activities. In HarpersBazaar Arabia’s interview, the 49-year-old stated:

Of course, one of the downsides of being a woman in the public eye is that there will always be comments about my outfits and appearance. Sometimes, there is a lot of exaggeration as well. I suppose it comes with the territory. But at the end of the day, I hope it is my work that defines me, not my wardrobe.

Queen Rania of Jordan said that meaningful life was a life “where you have made things better for people around you.” This motto basically shows her true identity and real intentions as Her Majesty and an individual.

Queen Rania inspires hundreds of people every day. Her personality and actions speak more than just external appearance and words. The Jordanian royal proves it’s possible to combine inner beauty and gorgeous looks, as well as to look trendy and raising awareness about the most critical points in life. Do you like Her Majesty? If yes, what exactly do you love about her?

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