Hillary Clinton Takes Fashion Tips From Nancy Pelosi As She Stuns In An Elegant Blazer At 'Tina' Musical

Date February 5, 2020

Not only Melania Trump's fashion as First Lady is ravishing, but Hillary Clinton's style has also been unique. Though she was worried about not looking 'feminine' due to her passion for pantsuits, she later found her own fashion taste, adding something feminine, such as a brooch, a scarf, etc.

Hillary Clinton's fashion is all about unisex. Team Hillary even encouraged her to simplify the elements she adored — bright tones, practical pant combos — into something empowering that she can "own" proudly.

Nancy Pelosi's fashion tips

Over the weekend, Bill and Hillary Clinton attended 'Tina' musical. Per usual, the former FLOTUS sported an oversized dark grey blazer, which looked genuinely charming on her in addition to her navy pants and a matching t-shirt beneath.

However, Clinton's outfit reminded us of some numbers worn by the US Speaker of the White House. See two photos below and give us your opinion, whose jacket you loved more!

In fact, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi share the same fashion choices about pantsuits. The two powerful ladies are frequently seen in vivid numbers during meetings and conferences. In the former First Lady's novel, What Happened, she described the secrets behind her suits:

  • They make her feel powerful and professional.
  • They help her fit in with male politicians.
  • They help her not to "overthink" about appearance.
  • They serve as an "anti-distraction" technique.

Hillary Clinton's dressing tricks

Indeed, the 72-year-old is not only famous for her political perspectives and beliefs, but also some interesting fashion tips and tricks. Here are the top three power-dressing keys:

  • 99 times out 100, she will wear smart pants to prove she's one in charge.
  • When she wants to be heard and not evaluated by her style, she wears 'boring' monochrome pantsuits.
  • Timeless and classic accessories make her feel self-confident, powerful, and important.

Almost every political figure sends some messages and signals through their outfit choices, believe it or not. Melania Trump, for example, is well-known for doing so subtly. Hillary Clinton's pantsuits may seem ordinary and not unique for some people, but they do make her look more influential and confident when it comes to significant events.

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