Oscar Dress You've Missed: Elizabeth Banks Stuns In A 16-Year-Old Red Gown And Fans Are Wonderstruck

Date February 10, 2020

Oscar 2020 has brought so much joy and delight to people, as many of their beloved celebs and favorite people won the well-deserved awards. Here are some crucial highlights from the event:

  • Joaquin Phoenix won the Best Actor for his role in the movie Joker.
  • Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for the role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
  • Laura Dern took her first-ever Oscar award for her role in Marriage Story.
  • Renee Zellweger received the Best Actress for her role in Judy.
  • Parasite won the Best Movie Picture.

Elizabeth Banks' dress

In case you missed Elizabeth Banks' dress at the Oscars, you have all the chances to be captivated by this beauty. The Hunger Games star appeared at the Vanity Fair party in a recycled Badgley Mischka red gown, which she first wore in 2004.

The scarlet chiffon fishtail dress perfectly embraced Elizabeth's toned figure, accentuating her bust, muscular arms and back. Unlike her first outing 16 years ago, she styled the Oscar outfit with a dreamlike necklace designed by Irene Neuwirth Jewelry.

Banks' fans instantly praised her outfit and commented on her much hotter looks today


16 years later and you’re wearing it even better the second time around. Teach me your ways 🙌


She still bring on the fire!!!yaaaaahhhh🔥💖


WOW! you truly haven't changed in 16 years huh 😻😻😻😻


❤️ Beautiful timeless dress 💃

In fact, Charlie's Angels producer wore her nearly two-decade floor-length dress with one aim — to promote the importance of sustainability in fashion and consumerism. It all relates to climate change, production and consumption, ocean pollution, labor, and women.

Elizabeth Banks' diet, fashion, and beauty tips

Every woman hopes to look the same at Elizabeth Banks' age. The actress has just turned 46 years on February 10, and it's time to reveal her secrets on staying healthy and slim.

Her aging philosophy is affordable, fantastic, and genuine. Talking to Allure in 2014, Banks claimed:

I'm not really so afraid of aging. I think your entire experience is shown on your face and your body, and if you've led a great life like I have, it's OK to let it show.

Alongside her husband, Elizabeth hits the gym regularly and keeps on following healthy nutrition. Apart from her genetically-fast metabolism, the Hollywood actress still follows a gluten-free diet.

Indeed, 46-year-old Elizabeth Banks inspires us to be better every day. Though she was granted with a fast metabolism, she knows she still has to work hard to look toned in her age. Moreover, we do agree with her fans — she looks more beautiful and much hotter in the recycled dress in 2020 than in 2004! What do you think?

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