Celine Dion Makes A Major Fashion Statement In Flamboyant Red/White Dior Dress

Date January 17, 2020 16:58

Celine Dion is a total knockout! And we love how she's never afraid to showcase this beauty as she's often seen wearing some of the most stylish outfits out there.

A true icon

Celine Dion's fashion is one of the many things people adore about her. Sure, she has the voice of an angel, but every once in a while, she blows us away with a unique type of outfit.

As it turns out, not only does Celine wear the best, she also inspires the best. Designer Law Roach revealed to ELLE that Celine wanted to work with him because she desired to create a sophisticated look based on actress Zendaya's fashion.

Roach told the publication:

She started looking at the things [Zendaya] was wearing and basically said, 'You know, this girl is like 19, but I can wear the same clothes that she wears because it's so sophisticated.'

Over the years, Celine has worked with a bunch of different designers but it seems Dior is one of her favorites. Check her out as she rocks this amazing dress from the designer.

This doesn't mean she ignores other designers, though. Her Instagram account is filled with loads of pictures of the singer fabulous wearing some of the best looks out there.

As the queen of couture dresses, Celine sure knows how to capture our hearts with some of the most exquisite looks.

Celine Dion's flamboyant outfit

Celine is a slim woman who's somehow able to wear some of the most elaborate outfits and still manages to shine through. She's never afraid of layers as she wears them like a pro.

Recently, the singer posted this awesome picture of herself wearing a truly flamboyant red and black outfit with layers featuring different fabrics.

She made a real fashion statement by combining the Dior dress with a pair of edgy rockstar boots.

Celine pulled everything together with a pair of dark shades and a lovely smile.


If you're loving this look, you're not alone. Many of Celine Dion's fans couldn't help but compliment her appearance.


Classe et Trendy as alwayyyys.


Such a classy lady!!!!


The outfit, you were amazing.


So amazing Celine Dion xxx and Beautiful.


Too gorgeous.. keep slaying queen.

5 fast facts about Celine Dion

This singer's life doesn't all revolve around fashion. Here are some interesting facts about her.

  • She had a tough childhood. As a child, she wore hand-me-downs and growing up, she was bullied due to her slim frame and teeth.
  • Celine was 12 years old when she met her now-late husband René Angélil. In her book, My Story, My Dream, the singer wrote about how she had a big crush on René for the longest time. She was 20 years old when their relationship became romantic.
  • The couple welcomed three children.
  • Celine was heartbroken when René passed away in January 2016 from throat cancer.
  • Due to her slim figure, Celine has often been accused of having eating disorders or generally being made fun of. Speaking to People, she debunked these rumors saying, "I don’t have an eating problem, and there’s nothing more I can say about it."

Celine Dion has proven to be a star in a lot of different aspects including fashion and music. As a veteran in the entertainment industry, people will always look to her for inspiration and she hardly ever disappoints. We love how she never lets criticisms get her down as she continues to soldier on regardless. Beauty, brains and a keen eye for fashion, what else can a fan ask for?

Are you feeling this Dior look on her?

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