"Brilliant!": Catherine Zeta-Jones Dresses Up As Legendary Jean Harlow For Halloween 2019

Date November 1, 2019 15:58

If you're out of inspiration, Catherine Zeta-Jones' 2019 Halloween costume will serve you some. She dressed up as one of the most iconic women of the entertainment industry in the 20s and 30s. Watch her go black & white and still slay!

Born in 1911, Jean Harlow was the original blond bombshell. She thrived in Hollywood as a teenager for her striking beauty and forthright sensuality. Unfortunately, she caught influenza at the age of 26 and later died from complications of kidney failure. At that time, the diva was at the height of her career and had several projects in progress.

Reel back in the past

Catherine chose to honor the late starlet by dressing up as her on Halloween. Michael Douglas' wife showed off her magnificent costume on Instagram. She posted footage of her vintage walk and demonstrated classic poses. Zeta-Jones killed it in blond hair!

Besides flaunting her slim physique, Catherine also proved her talent. She read Jean's memorable dialogue from her 1933 movie, Dinner At Eight. The Entrapment star gorgeously imitated the deceased actress and stole the show. Go ahead, break the replay button!

People are in awe of her


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Catherine's elegant persona perfectly complemented her sparkly get-up. Don't you think? Share this and praise the charming woman.

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