Like Father Like Son! Peter Andre And His 14-Year-Old Son Look Identical In New Photo

Date November 14, 2019 18:13

Peter Andre became famous as a singer, as his bumpy singles like Mysterious Girl and Flava achieved notable success, as favorite tunes to bump and grind to on the dance floor. Over the years, Andre has dabbled as a TV personality, making appearances on various shows like I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! where he met his wife.

While Andre later separated with model Katie Price after 3 ½ years together, the two share a son, Junior Savva, and a daughter Princess Tiaamii. Junior, who is now 14, is the most recognizable of the two children and Peter Andre just won’t stop talking about him.

Speaking to new! magazine, Peter Andre admitted that he has banned his son Junior from ever going to Love Island, a show where contestants couple up to find love. Despite meeting Junior's mom on I’m a Celebrity' a show just like Love Island, Andre is not so open to letting him follow in his footsteps.

Peter Andre’s son is his complete lookalike

As far as the father-son resemblance goes, it’s safe to say that Junior is Peter Andre’s real-life copy. In a gorgeous picture that the doting dad shared on Instagram, the 2 boys look cozy together, proving that they share more than the last name.

As a parent, Andre loves his doppelganger son a lot and while he doesn’t want him to follow in his footsteps, at least not yet, he is keen on celebrating him. Speaking to new! magazine Andre disclosed that for now, he just wants Junior to finish school.

You're 14, work as hard as you can to get the grades to go to university… If he chooses to go, great, but if he wants to move into entertainment, I'll back him.

Fans are already falling in love with the father-son duo

For fans, seeing the two together was more than admirable and many pointed out that their resemblance was uncanny.

@ashleiigh__xo: Twins!! 😍

@smeg805: Your son looks so much like you Peter

@lizdean8669: He is so your double bless

@christinamason7079: Lovly pic he's double of his dad

What do you think of the two? Do they look alike?