Katie Holmes Just Showed Off Her Stretch Marks In Unedited Photo On Instagram And Fans Are Praising Her For It

Date November 27, 2019

If you look at Katie Holmes’ Instagram, you would find tons of gorgeous snaps. The actress is evidently looking after her health and her physique. In Shape Magazine’s December 2019 issue, Katie revealed that she loves working out.

The 40-year-old enjoys spinning, boxing, and yoga the most. She dedicates 4 times a week to her exercise regime to make sure she looks as fit as possible. However, there is something Holmes simply can’t get rid of - her stretch marks.

Katie Holmes’ body in 2019

Instagram can be a source of inspiration, as well as a dark place full of negativity, especially when it comes to other people’s appearances. However, Katie Holmes received only love and support after showing how her real body looks like.

The actress shared a photo of herself donning a stylish duo featuring a black bra and a matching blazer. The snap appears to be a behind-the-scenes sneak peek from her photoshoot with Vogue Australia.

Even though Holmes looks absolutely stunning on the first photo, it’s the second picture that got the most attention. On it, we can clearly see the actress’ stretch marks on her stomach.

Considering that we live in a world where wrinkles and stretch marks are as scary as plague, it was very brave of Katie to show that she is a real human being with a real body that, sure, is not perfect but still wonderful.

Many fans praised her in the comment section, saying that she is ‘fiercely beautiful.’ Interestingly, it seems that Katie got even more stunning after breaking up with Jamie Foxx.

The Dawson’s Creek star massively elevated her style, becoming one of the most intriguing fashionistas. We love how she turned a sad break up into an opportunity to better herself. Keep on, Katie!

Katie Holmes