Young Maggie Smith Looked Like Anne Hathaway: People Are In Awe Of Their Resemblance

Date October 31, 2019 10:46

If you haven't googled pictures of a young Maggie Smith, are you even a real fan of her? Oh, you are but, didn't curiosity hit you earlier? Well, we have unearthed best of the best portraits of when the Hook actress was still a teenager.

Interestingly, back in the day, she resembled a famous celebrity of recent times.

Actress Maggie Smith has all the respect for starlets working in Hollywood in the current era. She thinks she couldn't make it big in the entertainment industry if she started an acting career in the 21st century. The classic diva further elaborated to The Guardian:

I think they are so brave, the young actresses of today. They seem to have to strip off every second. I can’t imagine how they cope with it today, I really don’t.

Young Maggie Smith Looked Like Anne Hathaway: People Are In Awe Of Their ResemblanceGetty Images / Ideal Image

Young Maggie Smith

She entered the world of showbiz at the age of 17. Maggie made her professional debut, playing Viola in Twelfth Night at the Oxford Playhouse. She is now 84-year-old and will be 85 by December 28.

A look back at her glorious past is the need of the hour for every admirer.

As a youngster, Maggie's eyes shined brighter, her skin glowed and she was nothing less than a doll. She had bagged her first movie-role in 1956 at the age of 21. Smith appeared as a party guest in Child in the House, an uncredited character.

Her beauty soon made headlines and she began taking up more screen-time.

Is Anne Hathaway related to her?

Not really! The social media users think that in her youth, Maggie matched Anne Hathaway's features.

Do you approve of Maggie and Anne's similarities? Or is it just another day, another Twitter theory? Share this and sound off.

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