Beneath The Famous Hairdo: Ariana Grande Is Known For Her Signature Sleek Ponytail, But Her Natural Curly Hair Is Just As Stunning

Date November 4, 2019

Ariana Grande is now known for her signature ponytail look. But how did it all get started?

Ariana was first introduced to the world as an actress on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. She played the role of Cat Valentine from 2010 to 2013. Her character had to wear vibrant red hair which meant Ariana had to constantly dye her locks for years.

The singer revealed, in 2014, that this continuous dying caused some damage to her hair so she had to start wearing it in a ponytail in 2014. She revealed on Facebook that her ponytail style is strategically made to hide some of these flaws.

Ariana Grande's natural hair

Considering how much her hair has had to go through, people are curious about what her natural hair really looks like.

In February 2019, Ariana posted a video for a fan so they could see what her hair sans ponytail. It was quite obvious from the clip that the singer had dark, short and curly locks.

To show that her hair has begun to heal from all the damages done to it many years ago, her hairstylist Josh Liu also posted a snapshot of the natural-looking diva in her thick and bouncy hair.

Based on these visuals, it's pretty clear that Ariana has been working on revitalizing her hair underneath her famous ponytail. And her natural hair is looking healthy and beautiful.

Ariana Grande's hair evolution

Sure, her iconic ponytail should have its own fanbase, but this doesn't mean the singer hasn't tried a few different looks over the years.

Even her ponytail has been higher or lower, depending on her mood. She has also been spotted in blond or red curls and effortless, messy buns.

Ariana's hair has always had people talking, but in the end, she has offered the world much more than that. Her musical talents and her acting skills have captured the hearts of her fans for many years. And it's unlikely that she'd stop thrilling the crowd anytime soon.

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