"Wow, Clones!": Young Ian McKellan Looked A Lot Like 'Sherlock' Benedict Cumberbatch And People Are Freaking Out

Date November 20, 2019 16:39

English actor Ian McKellen started his acting profession at a very young age, namely, at the age of 20. His career' genres range from Shakespearean and modern theater to popular science fiction and fantasy.

Young Ian McKellen gained tremendous popularity worldwide, having gotten such remarkable orders as the Order of Companions of Honor (CH) and the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE). Impressive, isn't it?

Ian McKellen & Benedict Cumberbatch

Interestingly and oddly enough, young Ian McKellen looked a lot like another English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been famous for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the TV series Sherlock since 2010.

Ian McKellen actually confirmed such an odd fact himself. Back in 2015, the actor wrote:

Mind you, when I was Benedict Cumberbatch's age, I looked a lot like him.

McKellen is now 80 years old, whereas Cumberbatch is 43. Although it is hard to see the striking resemblance, they do share some similar features — for instance, they have similar forehead, eyes, and eyebrows. Perhaps, the shape of the face is also identical, don't you think so?

Another collage shows even more similarity between young Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch. The photos show a similar look and hairstyle. Maybe they are not lookalikes, but they would definitely fit for brothers.

"Handsome devils"

It is noteworthy that Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch once played in BBC sketch Hamlet with Prince Charles as the main protagonist, altogether.

Thousands of Britons gathered in Stratford-Upon-Avon to mark the death of Britain's most famous writer, alongside celebrating his birthday too. Ian McKellen and Benedict Cumberbatch looked like two brothers on the scene, playing in the show.

What odds! It's truly unbelievable how two different people, who are not related whatsoever, can share many similar or even identical features. Have you ever met a person who looks like you in real life?

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