Red Hair, Don't Care! 'Russian Doll' Star Natasha Lyonne Had To Ditch Her Natural Blond Hair For Vibrant Scarlet Locks

Date November 1, 2019 12:37

They say blondes have all the fun and we have a feeling Natasha Lyonne had a fantastic time rocking her natural blonde hair.

Many of her fans, especially those who loved her role as Nicky on Orange Is The New Black, may have gotten used to the actress with a darker shade of blonde. But when it comes to that color, Natasha wasn't afraid to switch things up and has been known to go lighter.

Natasha Lyonne is a redhead in Russian Doll

Natasha, who played the leading actress on the Netflix series Russian Doll, switched to a fiery red hair for the role. In fact, her scarlet locks should have a fanbase of their own considering how eye-catching the look is.

Natasha is a natural blonde but for the show, she didn't mind dying her hair to get this new vibrant shade.

Despite the gorgeous appearance though. Natasha's hairstylist Marcel Dagenais, who worked on the show with the actress, revealed that the red hair was a bit high-maintenance.

He told Yahoo that things could sometimes get messy as the dye often turned the actress' towels orange. He also revealed that they literally had to color Natasha's hair every three weeks to maintain the hue.

Marcel told Refinery29 that he did the coloring himself as he wanted to ensure the look didn't come out burgundy.

We did all these screen tests and photo tests. It was a long time — a six- or seven-hour day of dyeing and photographing and making sure it was just right.

The hairstylist also confirmed that that was in fact all Natasha's hair in the show, no extensions.

It's really all her. She's blessed.

Natasha Lyonne's hair is a star

Natasha's Russian Doll hairdo has sparked a movement of its own.

The curly bangs have become a source of inspiration for many people who desperately want to have the 'Natasha' effect.

Every once in a while, a hair trend comes around that has people mesmerized. Remember Jennifer Aniston's famous Friends hairdo? In this case, it's Natasha's bright red locks that are being talked about and just taking a look at it, you can understand why people are inspired.

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