70-Year-Old Caitlyn Jenner Puts Her Flawless Curves On Display In Teeny Black Bikini And Fans Think "She Looks Pretty Good"

Date November 19, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner's bikini pictures aren't quite as readily available as one might expect. Even though she's a famous reality star, her social media is usually filled with snaps of her as she goes about her business.

Fans must have expected that things would change when it was revealed that Caitlyn would be on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

During a video interview before she entered the camp, the reality star revealed that she won't mind dropping a few pounds. In fact, she looked forward to losing some weight so she could look flawless for the Kardashian Christmas party coming up in December.

According to CompareCeleb, Caitlyn is tall and fit enough as she is. She's believed to weigh 194lbs and stands tall at 6ft, 1 in. So one might wonder why she hoped to be slimmer.

Pictures of Caitlyn Jenner in a bikini

More proof that her body is perfect the way it is comes shortly into her run on I'm A Celebrity.

While the reality star admitted she had a tough time on her first night, she did strip down to a black bikini for a shower in the jungle. Caitlyn didn't seem too shy to show her curves and give glimpses of her perfect supermodel-worthy body.

According to the UK DailyMail, the reality star had earlier broken down while her campmates were sleeping. She said she was trying to figure out if being on I'm A Celebrity was the best use of her time considering her age. And she wondered if her time would be better spent with family.

However, that shower provided a much-needed refreshment.

Compliments for Caitlyn Jenner in a bikini

For a 70-year-old woman, Caitlyn Jenner's bikini jungle snap sure was impressive. And many people agreed.

@Chillipepperdeb wrote:

She looks great...

@Sunny_Days agreed.

She looks pretty good in her bikini.

@Dub, Dublin complimented her too.

She looks fab!

@Suzanne25 said:

How amazing! I think she seems like a really nice normal woman who looks great at 70.


Caitlyn looks good in a swimsuit. I was quite shocked.

Many others shared similar comments and the general consensus was that Caitlyn Jenner's bikini body is worth appreciating.

Even though she might have had some hard times so far on this new adventure, seeing her explore her surroundings and participate in fun activities give fans a little glimpse of another side of the reality star.

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