She's Got Legs For Days! 70-Year-Old Caitlyn Jenner Is An Ever Youthful Diva In Bright Miniskirt And Edgy Black Bag

Date November 8, 2019

Caitlyn Jenner turned 70 in 2019 and she continues to look fantastic. With each outfit, the reality star surprised her fans with her ageless beauty, fun personality, and her overall fabulous demeanor.

She may have had her ups and downs with the media but Caitlyn has always been all class, all the time.

On October 28, the former Olympian celebrated her 70th birthday by sharing this elegant snap of herself sitting pretty in front of a bunch of flowers.

Looking fabulous in a miniskirt

The reality star formerly known as Bruce is never afraid to show off her gorgeous legs in super short fashion styles.

She put those perfect pins on display recently as she was pictured wearing a sky blue miniskirt while on a coffee run in California.

The famous trans woman took casual to a different level by combining her skirt with a white polo shirt. And in a couple of other snaps, she was seen chatting with some male pals on a sidewalk.

For a total sporty look, Caitlyn wore a pair of white trainers and white socks as well. But for an added glam, she chose to carry a black bag with an edgy design.

Coffee in hand, looking fabulous under the sun, the star absolutely nailed the outfit.


Sure, not everyone was a big fan of Caitlyn's appearance but there were still some people who appreciated her casual, sporty style.

Caitlyn Jenner has had to cope with a lot over the years. Considering that she chose to make such a big move as changing genders while in her 60s, it's unsurprising that some people disapprove. But this star continues to maintain class and beauty through it all.

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