Christmas Is Coming! Michael Bublé Made A Heart-Stopping Cover Of Bing Crosby’s Hit Song “White Christmas”

Date November 15, 2019

With 50 million copies sold around the world, this song has become an ultimate Christmas tune. We are talking about Bing Crosby’s legendary hit White Christmas. It has become the best-selling Christmas song ever and many artists made their own version of it, including Michael Bublé.

The tune was aired for the very first time during the Kraft Music Hall radio show in 1941. Bing Crosby was the show's host and he crooned the carol with his soulful voice.

The song had a sad aftertaste because it was aired just a few weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack. But in the modern days, it has a happy connotation, as it lets people around the world know that Christmas is here.

Michael Bublé turned it onto a happy tune

Michael Bublé is the King of Christmas songs. His soft and velvety voice is perfect to make us feel warm and cozy during the winter holidays.

The singer often releases Christmas covers of the old tunes that we know so well. His new version of White Christmas is something that we all need to hear during this festive season.

Fans’ reactions

@Tish Colin:

Every year, I play your music while I am decorating my christmas tree. I love it

@Victoria Woodward:

Agreed! I remember Bing Crosby as part of Christmas,growing up,my daughter will remember Michael Bublé from her childhood Christmases!

@Amanda Palmer:

I'll never forget one xmas eve I had to stay in hospital because chemo made me so sick. I was ok though as I could watch Michael on the tele which was lovely and it still felt Christmassy

@Margi Gauthier:

I listen to your Christmas album while doing my Christmas baking

Michael Bublé’s Christmas album was released in 2011 but we are still listening to it every year. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Michael Bublé!

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