Fans Are Crying! The Osmond Brothers Come Together To Perform For The Last Time On Marie Osmond's 60th Birthday And She Can't Hold Back Tears

Date October 31, 2019

The Osmond family has always been synonymous with good music. Donny and Marie Osmond achieved mainstream success thanks to their 1976 variety series Donny & Marie. But long before these siblings took the spotlight, there was another musical group making waves in the family.

Before Donny joined his sister, he was a part of the barbershop quartet called The Osmond Brothers which included him and brothers Alan, Merrill, Wayne, Jay, and Jimmy.

In general, there are nine Osmond siblings, 8 males and one female, all born to Olive and George Osmond. And they were a talented group indeed.

The Osmond Brothers perform for the last time

In honor of Marie's 60th birthday, her brothers came on stage and gave their very last performance.

Marie Osmond joined her fellow co-hosts of The Talk to witness The Osmond Brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay as they performed for the last time on the show.

It was an amazing way to celebrate their sister's 60th birthday and it wasn't lost on Marie how special this was.

Marie Osmond could not hold back her emotional tears as she listened to her brothers and watched the backdrop that featured different pictures from their childhood.

It turned out to be quite the emotional moment for all involved as it took everyone back to the days when The Osmond Brothers entertained and inspired with their music.

Fans are emotional too

In all the nostalgia, fans of the Osmonds can't help but shed a tear or two as they listened to The Osmond Brothers perform.

Based on their comments, it's pretty clear that these siblings tugged at the heartstrings of many.

Their incredible performance also tells us that despite being much older now, this iconic group hasn't lost their talent and their desire to give their all with their music. People are taken back to the time when they dominated with their songs and all the memories that come from reminiscing.

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