Vicente Fernández Got A Latin Grammy Awards Standing Ovation After A Stunning Performance With Son And Grandson

Date November 18, 2019

At the 20th Latin Grammys, history was made when Vicente Fernández’s son and grandson, joined him for the performance of a lifetime. Vicente, who has 3 Grammy Awards under his belt is an old hand in the industry and his title as El Rey de la Música Ranchera or The King of Ranchera Music is unquestionable.

After Vicente Fernandez's Grammy performance a few days ago, the whole world sang his name as he proved that he's not just a legend, but a musical icon whose legacy transcends all barriers.

Vicente Fernández's Grammy performance got a standing ovation

In a performance that is not equaled by many, 3 generations of the Fernández dynasty reunited on stage to give fans a treat. The historic and unforgettable Latin Grammy performance took fans by surprise as Vicente, his son Alejandro, and grandson Alex complemented each other in incredible fashion.

Just as the saying that says, birds of a feather flock together, the trio flowed together handsomely, delivering a beautiful show that had the audience off their feet in glee and appreciation.

In the soulful performance, Alex (the grandson), opened by singing Te Amare, as Alejandro took over with Caballero, after which Vicente finished off with La Derrota.

After performing “Volver Volver” as the grand finale of their show, the trio was greeted with a deserving standing ovation that affirmed their excellence as artists.

Following the performance, Ricky Martin got on stage to gift the emotional legend with the Premio de la Presidencia award.

Vicente Fernández is a father of 4

The Latin Grammy Award performance was significant for the Fernández family as it proved that the 79-year-old icon has worthy successors to fill his enormous shoes.

Besides Alejandro who performed alongside his father, Vicente and his wife Maria have 2 other sons, Vicente Jr., and Gerardo Fernández as well as a daughter, Alejandra Fernández. But among all their children, only Alejandro and Vicente Jr. pursued music as a career.

Vicente Fernández ’s journey as a musician is one filled with struggle and hard work and as he celebrates his achievements, it’s no question that he truly deserves it all. Vicente paved way for the successes of other artists like Jeniffer Lopez by making traditional music cool, the way it's supposed to be. Bravo Vicente!