“It’s A No For Me”: Reality TV Judge Simon Cowell Finally Demonstrates His Singing Skills And They Are Not Good

Date November 1, 2019

Music mogul Simon Cowell is famed for the painfully honest remarks that turned him into one of the most popular television talent show judges in the world. But while some might consider his honesty refreshing, others cannot help but point out that sometimes his comments can be rude and insulting.

For many contestants on talent shows, Cowell’s remarks are highly valued as they increase their chances of qualifying. But to those that don’t meet his high standards, he can be vicious, to say the least.

On Britain's Got Talent, Simon Cowell went under fire after he criticized Fabulous Sisters, an all-female dance group. After asking who had picked the music, one girl raised her hand to which Simon remarked, “Oh. I wouldn’t hold your hand up.”

His comments infuriated the audience as they booed him down while others turned to Twitter to slam him for his unnecessary comment.

Most of these angered audiences asked themselves a very important question. What makes Simon Cowell the expert? Can he even sing?

Simon Cowell demonstrates his singing skills

Cowell has been judging on singing competitions for a long time but many people have never heard him sing, even once. It took fellow a fellow judge’s efforts to force Simon Cowell to sing and when he blurted out the lyrics, people were not impressed!

In the random X Factor set up, Kelly Rowland placed a microphone to Cowell’s face and for the first time, he forgot his solemn vow to “never sing in public.”

Later, people would come to comment on Simon Cowell’s performance and the general feeling was that he is not great as a singer! Granted, maybe he was just joking by imitating the person who started the whole fiasco but still, he let his fans and the music world down!

People rushed to "judge" Simon Cowell’s singing talent

For many fans that have come to fear Simon Cowell him for his brutal honesty, "revenge" was a dish best served cold and they were ready to tell him how they would rate his performance.

@Heather Segovia: Sorry Simon, it's a no for me.

@MikeTheRomanSoldier: Simon is a music producer, he knows what people like and that's what he is good at.

@endefisto123: I'm so gonna buy Simon Cowell's greatest hits.

@SKILI: I'd press the golden buzzer

@Seth Mick: That was completely and utterly useless (As Simon would say)

Since Simon is a talented music producer, maybe he should get a pass for his poor singing skills. We think that it was refreshing for him to unleash his vocal side but what do you think of his performance? Is it a no for you too?