Billie Eilish Proves Age's Just A Number! At 17, She Is Worth More Than Many Famed Older Singers

Date October 30, 2019 13:04

Ever wondered how old is Billie Eilish? Your best guess would be 20 or maybe 22. If that's your answer, her real age might shock you. The singing sensation is only 17 and will turn 18 on December 18. Before you prepare a heartfelt birthday wish, let us give you more deets about her.

In 2015, she sang and recorded the song, Ocean Eyes. It was initially written by her elder brother, Finneas and was meant for his band. Billie sent it to her dance teacher, so she/he could help her choreograph a dance routine to it. Ultimately, it ended up on Soundcloud where listeners broke the replay button.

The big labels, Darkroom, and Interscope Records bought the number's rights and its music video was released, the following year. After that, there was no slowing down for Eilish and her flood of talent.

Rolling in dough

You know what they say, if you have to go far, you have to start early. Eilish and Finneas have been making art together since they were both younger than 14. According to WealthGorilla, Billie Eilish's net worth is estimated to be roughly $6 Million as of 2019.

If you think that's low for an L.A-based hitmaker, let's compare it to Cardi B's wealth. She launched her career in the same year but, is 10 years older than Billie. Celebrity Net Worth confirms she is only $2 million ahead of the young star, as of 2018.

Measuring in a similar genre, Taylor Momsen's been active since 1997. It sounds like a bummer that she's only worth $2.5 million at age of 25. Billie takes the lead! Hey Taylor, it's still awesome though!

Why we love Billie Eilish?

Her humility has touched millions of hearts. She refuses to take pictures with her fans. Instead, she prefers talking to them, asking how they're doing and what they had in breakfast. Eilish's dark vibes with reasonable defiance to stereotypical norms have earned her great favor too.

Well, success is success, it can't exactly be standardized. We are as impressed of Cardi and Taylor as we are of Billie. Age's just a number and these ladies are acing it all the way.