Great Milestone! Robert Irwin Announces His Graduation From High School At 15 And How He Is "Excited For What's Ahead!"

Date October 28, 2019

Robert Irwin is growing up right before our eyes; the teenager is now a high school graduate! Robert was born to famous conservationist Steve Irwin and his wife Terri in December 2003.

He is also Bindi Irwin's younger brother. Like the rest of the Irwin family, Robert is also a keen lover of animals, however, he prefers cuddly animals like koalas and dingos.

He also specializes in taking mind-blowing photos of mother nature and animals. He is often compared to his late father by fans, and this truth was affirmed in 2017 when the teenager appeared on 'The Jimmy Fallon Show.'

His doting sister took to Instagram to shower him praises while backstage, saying he was becoming more like their dad with each passing day.

Robert Irwin now!

2019 is, no doubt, a swell year for the youngest of the Irwin clan.

Over the weekend, Robert took to social media to announce a significant milestone; he graduated high school! Robert Irwin's Instagram post showed him busy with his laptop while carrying the dog in his arm, with a caption that read:

"Well, this is it. Over a decade of study - in planes, trains, and thousands of hotel rooms in all corners of the world, and today, I've graduated from high school. Grade 12 and 2 TAFE certificates done! ✅ Excited for what's ahead…"

His mother is so proud of him!

Terri took to Twitter to celebrate her son's achievement with a sweet family photo of him, his sister Bindi and Terri herself. She wrote:

"So proud of @RobertIrwin. Today he graduated high school. Two years early. Well done! I feel incredibly blessed to have such wonderful kids!"

Congratulations to Robert on such great achievement. With a headstart like this, there is no doubt that the sky is just the starting point for him.

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