"I Was A Bit Intimidated": Clint Eastwood's Son-In-Law Recounts Asking The Famous Movie Star For His Daughter's Hand

Date November 1, 2019 12:39

Alison Eastwood and sculptor Stacy Poitras tied the knot in 2013 and the bride's famous dad was there to witness the special day.

According to People, the wedding was an intimate ceremony that took place in Calabasas. The bride reportedly chose a 1930s-inspired beaded dress and the couple's rings were designed by Philip Press.

The happy bride and groom told the publication that they were "thrilled" to be surrounded by their loved ones on their "special day."

Alison Eastwood's husband asking for her hand

Stacy recently revealed to DailyMailTV that there was some awkwardness in the air when he asked Clint Eastwood for his daughter's hand in marriage.

The chainsaw artist said that the famous director's eyes narrowed after this request was made.

(He gave me) the Clint Eastwood look for about, I'd say five seconds. But those five seconds felt like five hours.

Then Clint replied that Stacy would have to "take that up" with Alison.

The persistent artist didn't give up as he asked the actor if that meant a "yes or a no?"

He said, "that's a yes son". And he shook my hand and I was like, man, that's awesome, he just called me son.

Stacy revealed that meeting Clint Eastwood for the first time was a nervewracking experience.

Seriously I was a bit intimidated, I'm not the type of person who is intimidated by fame, but yeah, I fell in love with a beautiful woman, Alison, and her father just happened to be the biggest movie star on earth.

Stacy said he had a feeling Clint wasn't sure about him dating his daughter at first but things smoothed out over time.

About Stacy Poitras

So who's this man married to the daughter of such a legend?

Stacy is a sculptor whose work was so good that he was featured in Chainsaw Gang. He's considered to be a very talented man well known for carving impressive things with a chainsaw.

He once told CloserWeekly:

It’s such a violent and destructive tool and I’m using it to make something beautiful, and it can give you a lot of different textures.

Stacy Poitras and Clint Eastwood may come from two different worlds but they found common ground when Alison fell in love with the sculptor. That's the cool thing about love, though, isn't it?

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