Time To Say Goodbye: ‘Grease’ Star Edd Byrnes Unexpectedly Passed Away At 87

Date January 10, 2020 16:55

Edd Byrnes’ creative talent was born in poverty. He and his 2 siblings shared an unhappy childhood, living in New York with their hard-working mother who tried to feed the entire family and an alcoholic father who didn’t care about anyone. Yet, Byrnes managed to find a road to success.

He was such a brilliant human being

For those who wonder if Edd Byrnes dead or alive, we have some heartbreaking news. The talented actor is, sadly, no longer with us.

Edd Byrnes’ death is the devastating news for everyone but he had a good life. Byrne had a mentor when he was a teen, who encouraged him to try himself in acting.

Byrnes’ name started sounding louder in the movie industry after he played a parking lot attendant named “Kookie” in the TV show 77 Sunset Strip. Despite that his role was small, it won the most attention from the crowd.

Edd was adored, quoted, and imitated. His single Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb became an immediate hit and took the 5th place in the hit list, helping him to earn a gold record.

But playing Kookie was not the role that made him an international sensation. In the late 70s, he auditioned to play Vince Fontaine in the musical that made John Travolta famousGrease.

He also appeared in such movies and TV series as:

  • Maverick;
  • Murder, She Wrote;
  • Married With Children;
  • The Love Boat;
  • Charlie's Angels.

The movie made him an eternal part of the stardom. Sadly, now we have to say goodbye to the talented actor forever. Byrnes passed away on Wednesday in his own home in Santa Monica. Even though his passing was unexpected, it’s believed that he died from natural causes.

Fans send their tributes

Byrnes was 87 when he took his last breath. His son, Logan, and his partner, Catherine, are heartbroken by their loss, as well as many fans all over the world. Nonetheless, even in this sad time, we are certain that Byrnes’ name will never dissipate into thin air as his incredible talent will always keep him alive in our hearts.

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