Original "Gerber Baby" Ann Turner Cook Is Still Going Strong, Celebrating Her 93rd Birthday

Date November 21, 2019 13:33

The woman whose lovely childhood face is known worldwide as the “Gerber Baby” celebrated her 93rd birthday on Wednesday.

Ann Turner Cook, who is still portrayed in the brand's iconic trademark logo, first rose to fame for her face when she was just 4-months-old.

Gerber baby and Ann Turner Cook

According to the company’s website, Gerber held a contest in 1928 to find a face to represent their baby food. They invited artists to submit their own portrayals of Gerber babies.

“Some artists submitted elaborate oil paintings, but one artist, Dorothy Hope Smith, an artist who specialized in children’s portraits, submitted a simple charcoal sketch and offered to elaborate on it if it was accepted..."

The judges in the advertising contest fell in love with Cook’s baby face.

"The executives at Gerber couldn’t resist the adorable baby face and selected the classic drawing as-is.”

When they chose it as the winner, they decided that it would remain a sketch – that sketch is still recognized all over the world.

Ann Turner Cook's identity was kept private until she joined the company for its 50th-anniversary celebration in 1978.

"I was a happy, healthy baby and I think that's why the drawing has been so appealing to people,"

- she told in 2013.

Ann Turner Cook was an English teacher at Tampa's Hillsborough High School for 26 years and she confessed that this portrait is her "immortality".

"I've become a symbol for babies, which couldn't be anything nicer than that."

Well, it's so great to know that little cute baby is thriving!

Many blessings to Ann Turner Cook! Happy Birthday to the baby Gerber made famous! You are still a beautiful lady!

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