"It's Not Aging; It's Growing": Renée Zellweger Feels "Energized And Full" In Her 50s After Darkest Times In Her Life

Date November 15, 2019

After a six-year hiatus from the Hollywood lifestyle, Renée Zellweger admitted she had taken such a long break to cope with her depression.

The Oscar winner thought that she had experienced burnout and depression after gaining enormous success in Bridget Jones's Diary and Chicago. She wasn't "healthy" and didn't "take care of myself" which led to such a horrifying period.

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The actress gave a candid interview to InStyle magazine, during which she talked about the break and her current perception of things in her life. Despite Renée Zellweger's age and problems in the past, the actress revealed she has a new perspective of aging in Hollywood — she feels "full" and "energized" to know what's ahead of her in her 50s.

Featured on the cover of InStyle's December issue, the Judy star said she doesn't take life for granted any longer.

It doesn't consume me because it's inevitable; it's a privilege. I'd rather celebrate each phase of my life and be present in it than mourn something that's passed. I don't want to miss this moment to be something that I used to be.

Reflecting on her progression as a trailblazing actress and as an individual, Renée Zellweger said she thought she had figured out her many decades ago, but soon realized she had more to discover and learn from.

It's not aging. It's growing. It's acquisition of the most valuable things: experience and knowledge and grace and insight. … I think I felt like I had it together at 24. I look back and go, 'Wow.' I had to recognize that that was naïveté.

Indeed, Renée Zellweger had "dark" and "sad" Hollywood life, as she once stated in an interview. Nonetheless, she's transforming herself into a better human being, woman, and a celebrity.

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