Just Skin And Bones: Simon Cowell Worries Us With Even More Dramatic Weight Loss After His Latest Appearance In London

Date November 13, 2019 13:00

Simon Cowell's weight loss has divided people into those who support his journey and those who don't think he looks healthy and well. According to the mogul's statements, he has managed to lose 20 lb thanks to a super strict vegan diet after health scare in the past. It is hard to recognize him now!

Simon Cowell's latest news

The British Got Talent judge doesn't cease to shock his fans with a slim shape of the body and sharply-defined face. Several days ago, Simon Cowell showcased even more weight loss as he was posing with fans in London.

The 60-year-old flaunted his trim physique in a tight navy blue sweater, blue jeans which seemed a big baggy on his skinny legs, and a pair of black sunnies.

Simon's changes in his appearance and figure have made people talk about his weight loss journey throughout a year.

But is he overdoing his transformation now? He admittedly looks much skinnier than even a couple of months ago!

Health scare

Simon Cowell knew he had to start a new lifestyle after falling down the stairs in the middle of the night in October 2017. Due to his former hectic life, doctors told him to start a diet and stop living as a "vampire."

Besides, the British mogul's son Eric also motivated him to lose weight. He realized he wouldn't be able to "catch up" with his only child if he continued eating poorly, and so, it became a motivator for him to change everything to the core.

Since converting to veganism, Simon Cowell has lost almost one-and-a-half stone and taken years off his looks. Today, the star looks much younger, slimmer, and hotter than before!

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