Former NFL Player, George Atkinson III, Suddenly Dies At 27 β€” Less Than A Year After His Twin Brother's Suicide

Date December 4, 2019 15:21

Former NFL running back player, George Henry Atkinson III, suddenly died at the age of 27. The family is currently mourning his death a year after his twin brother Josh ended life by committing suicide.

George Atkinson III was an American professional football player, having a glorious career. His life took another turn when he lost his twin brother last Christmas. The young man began to battle depression, which was poisoning his life and soul.

The son of former Super Bowl champ George Atkinson II reportedly died on Monday β€” less than a year after Josh’s suicide and few days after his 27th birthday.

It’s unclear how the former Notre Dame player passed away, but he once said losing his brother took a serious toll on him. He tried to harm himself after his death, but his 2-year-old daughter helped him cope with depression a little.

Without my daughter, I don’t know where I would be right now. She gave me that second wind of motivation.

George Henry Atkinson III’s mother, Michelle, also passed away in October 2018, two months before he lost his twin sibling.

People sent condolences to George’s family

George Atkinson III is survived by his father and little daughter. Rest in peace, champ.

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