Elton John Isn't Holding Back As He Calls Madonna "Nasty" Over The Pop Star's Comment About Lady Gaga

Date October 25, 2019 16:12

Award-winning singer Elton John is ruffling some feathers following the release of his autobiography Me.

In the memoir, the singer didn't hold back on his feelings about certain people, and he just may have reignited what some may believe to be a long-dead feud between himself and Madonna.

Elton John's words about Madonna and Lady Gaga

In 2012, Madonna gave an interview with ABC News in which she described Lady Gaga's song Born This Way as "reductive" because it was too similar to her own track Express Yourself.

Elton John referred to Madonna's comment in the memoir, saying:

I got that Gaga’s single Born This Way definitely sounded similar to Express Yourself, but I couldn’t see why she was so ungracious and nasty about it, rather than taking it as a compliment… particularly when she claims to be a champion for women.

This isn't the first time Elton has expressed his feelings about Madonna's words. At the time she said it in 2012, the I'm Still Standing hitmaker called Madonna a "nightmare" and proclaimed that her career was over while speaking in an interview.

Elton later apologized for these comments and said that he and Madonna were on speaking terms again after he invited her to join him for a meal.

It appears that the singer may very well have reignited the feud based on these words about the pop star.


Some people agreed that Elton should have left the past in the past and not bring up Lady Gaga and Madonna's issue years after the women have resolved all differences.

It seems commenters were not very happy with his words.

Elton John's goal for the book is to share a no-holds-barred experience about his life. And since he chooses to be completely honest about his feelings, it may rub people off the wrong way. But clearly, these sound like things he wants to get off his chest and no one can fault him for that.

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