Matthew McConaughey Has Two Handsome Older Brothers, One Of Which Is Also A Famous Actor Just Like Him

Date October 29, 2019

We all know Matthew McConaughey as a leading Hollywood actor and a world-recognized star. But who knew he had two older brothers? Let’s find out more.

Born in Texas, McConaughey started acting in 1994. He is an award-winning actor known for his roles in films such as Dazed and Confused, Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective, and Magic Mike.

With a career that has spanned over three decades, he has appeared in over 50 films. McConaughey’s good looks and easy-going personality helped him achieve and illustrious career.

Matthew McConaughey’s brothers

Matthew is a great actor with lots of fans all over the world, it's always interesting to find out about the famous actor's family members.

The actor has two elder brothers. By the way one of them, Michael McConaughey is also is an actor like Matthew.

Michael who is known as Rooster is known for his role in West Texas Investors Club, The Newton Boys,12 Mighty Orphans, and The Iron Orchard.

Though he is not as famous as his brother, the two men sound quite a bit alike as well, which is fun. In addition to his acting career, Rooster is a self-made millionaire. He made his empire from a rusted oil pipe.

However not much is known about his other brother, Patrick McConaughey. Unlike his famous brothers, Pat keeps a low profile far from the spotlight.

A doting father and loving husband

Not only is Mathew a brilliant actor but he is also a great husband. Following the example of his parents, the actor became a father of three with his wife, Camila Alves.

They have 3 children — Levi, Vida, and Livingston. During an acceptance speech for an award, he explained that he looks forward to his beautiful family.

What an amazing family. It looks like the McConaughey family never get bored with such awesome genes.

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