‘On The Threshold Of Space’ Actress Virginia Leith Passed Away At Age 94 After A Brief Illness

Date November 14, 2019 12:50

On The Threshold Of Space’ star Virginia Leith passed away last week. The actress died after a brief illness.

Virginia Leith was an American actress well known for her role of a decapitated woman in the film The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Born in Cleveland, Leith spent her early working career as a waitress at a drive-in.

She was discovered by Stanley Kubrick during her modelling days for Look magazine cover. Virginia got a break in 1953, starring as “the Girl” in war drama Fear and Desire. She went on to star in movies such as On the Threshold of Space and Toward the Unknown.

RIP, Virginia Leith

On November 4, Virginia Leith sadly passed away a few weeks after she turned 94. The actress died at her home in Palm Springs, California.

Speaking to Variety, a spokesperson for Leith’s family, Jane Chalmers, confirming her demise said that the actress’ death came “after a brief illness.”

There is no confirmed information about Virginia’s relationship status before her death. But she was only married to actor Don Harron, from 1960 to 1968, according to THR.

The pair did not have any children, but Leith was stepmother to Harron’s two daughters Martha and Mary Harron.

Fans and friends pay tributes

Virginia Leith won the hearts of fans with her beauty and acting talent. We hope she found peace in heaven.

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