Elton John Opened Up About Meeting His Icon Elvis, Claiming He Was Left Utterly Disappointed

Date October 24, 2019 13:48

One of the most-awaited autobiographies of 2019 is finally out. Elton John’s new book, which is his first and only official memoir, has just hit the shelves.

The book, titled simply Me, is an account of the award-winning singer’s life. Its excerpts have already created a lot of noise in the media and now John’s fans have an opportunity to dive into the entire memoir before it gets sold out.

In another book about him, Elton John recalls his meeting with Elvis Presley and it appears to be not a very pleasant encounter.

Meeting the legend

Elton John’s book Me is not the only memoir dedicated to the British star. The Rocketman hitmaker talked about his life with author Tom Doyle, who was writing about the singer in his book called Captain Fantastic.

Doyle wrote:

Elton looked into the eyes of the King and felt there was ‘nothing there.’ It was someone who was in a complete drug haze giving nylon scarves away to these fans and yet it was still, in a way, magical.

John previously recalled his disappointing meeting with the King during a 1990’s interview with Oprah. He told her:

It was so sad, because he turned into this big man with no eyes. They had sunk into the back of his head and it was pathetic.

But in his own memoir, Elton shared a lot of stories about his relationships with other celebrities, which are worth reading about.

What did Elton John write in his new book about Michael Jackson?

When recalling his friendship with Michael Jackson, John revealed that the singer drastically changed as time went by.

Elton branded the Pop King ‘mentally ill’ and noted that he was ‘disturbing to be around.’ It seems that many major stars had a very troubled past which led some of them to their untimely demise.

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