Week Of Silence: Miley Cyrus Was Urgently Hospitalized To Undergo Vocal Cord Surgery That Will Prevent Her From Talking

Date November 11, 2019 16:04

Miley Cyrus’ health in 2019 has been all over the place. Just last month the singer was hospitalized with tonsillitis, despite the fact that many social media users thought she was simply seeking attention.

But the 26-year-old landed in the hospital again and had to undergo more radical treatment. What do we know about Miley Cyrus’ surgery?

A few weeks of silence

Miley Cyrus was urgently hospitalized again. The doctors discovered a separate issue with her vocal cords that the singer didn’t even know she had for years.

According to PEOPLE, The 26-year-old divorcee underwent a vocal cord surgery that requires her to stay silent for a few weeks. After the surgery, Cyrus was forced to put her career on hold and stop working on new music. A source assured that she is ‘doing great’ now and will be back ‘early next year.’

Miley is currently recovering at home but she is not all alone. Her new boyfriend, Australian singer Cody Simpson, is keeping her company.

The 22-year-old has been by Cyrus’ side since her first visit to the hospital. Now he is making sure she is not ‘bored’ while she is getting better. How sweet is Cody?

Miley Cyrus