RIP, Little Angel! Young Broadway And ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star Laurel Griggs Died At 13 From Asthma Attack

Date November 11, 2019

Fans and friends mourn the loss of the young Broadway star Laurel Griggs, who left this world so early due to health emergency.

RIP, Laurel Griggs!

Broadway actress and Saturday Night Live star Laurel Griggs tragically died on November 5 after a massive asthma attack. The girl was just 13 years old.

Laurel’s father revealed that she worked on her homework and suddenly didn’t feel well. From her early childhood, Laurel suffered from asthma.

When Laurel’s mother noticed that the girl was getting hard to breathe, she asked her husband to take her to a hospital.

My wife noticed that she was having trouble breathing, and she turned to me, and she said, ‘Andy, get her to the hospital right away.’

Sadly, the girl couldn’t make it. Laurel Griggs died in the hospital at the age of 13.

Laurel started performing on the Broadway stage when she was just 6. She also made several appearances on the popular TV show Saturday Night Live.

Fans and friends pay tributes

It’s always heartbreaking to lose our loved ones. Laurel Griggs could have had a long and happy life ahead of her.

Our deepest condolences to the family! RIP, little angel!

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