Shia LaBeouf Thanks Police Officer Who Arrested Him 2 Years Ago: He Changed The Actor's Life!

Date November 5, 2019 16:35

In the summer of 2017, Shia LaBeouf was detained in Savannah, Georgia. The footage made it to the public in which he was caught making racist remarks about a black cop.

The actor was then cuffed, being charged for drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and unlawful interference.

The Transformers star improved his course when his The Peanut Butter Falcon castmate, Zachary Gottsagen set him straight. He is an artist in his 30s who has Down syndrome. ABC News informs Zachary gave Shia a wake-up call, saying:

You’re already famous. This is my chance. And you’re ruining it.

It transformed him

Shia LaBeouf's arrest was the turning point of his life. He was put into rehab where he was diagnosed with PTSD. The actor knew only of his drinking issue but, he was damaged far beyond. Based on those events, he scripted his autobiography, Honey Boy. In the movie, Shia plays the character of his real-life father, Jeffrey Craig.

On Sunday, November 3, the 33-year-old heartthrob was on hand to receive the Breakthrough Screenwriter award at Hollywood Film Awards. He was made to accept it from none other than Robert Downey Jr. During the speech, Shia expressed gratitude, stating,

I want to thank the police officer who arrested me in Georgia for changing my life.

People appreciate him for mending his mistakes

@Dan Wells:

Glad he was able to learn from that moment and turn his life around

@CA Chatham:

Yes, sometimes accountability for choices and actions can change lives heading down the wrong path.

@Chris Mercer:

When that money and fame goes straight to your head.....good that a slap of reality help him eat some humble pie. A bright future to those who deserve it.

@J Arthur Fruth:

Sometimes it takes, sometimes it doesn't. Gods blessings...

Hats off to the strong man for taking responsibility. Shia has come a long way since his careless days. Share this and let us know if you support him.

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