'Mythbusters' Star Jessi Combs' Cause Of Fatal Accident Has Been Determined

Date November 6, 2019 12:47

The mystery around Jessi Combs' accident troubled her family and fans alike. The fatal crash that led to her untimely death had no obvious reason behind it. Finally, the authorities have returned to us after 2 months with answers.

She succumbed at the age of 39, doing what she loved on August 27, this year. The 'fastest woman on 4 wheels' was operating a jet-powered high-speed race car in southeasterly Oregon on a parched lake bed. She was striving to break her own land speed record. Her vehicle totaled and caught fire. The investigation began to determine questions: how and why?

Truth unleashed!

The Harney County Sheriff's Office has completed the probe with assistance from the North American Eagle Race Team. They have concluded if Jessi's car was ablaze before or after the impact. Was her racing carrier damaged before she drove it or there was foul play?

As E Online reported, the official statement reveals the truth based on the evidence gathered and analyzed at the scene. Lieutenant Brian Needham announced in a press release:

It appears that there was a mechanical failure of the front wheel, most likely caused by striking an object on the desert. The front-wheel failure led to the front wheel assembly collapsing. The front-wheel failure occurred at speeds approaching 550 miles per hour.

People are praying for her soul

@Gabrielle Hernandez:

So sad. Prayers for the family.

@Onyinye Ezekiel:

Rest in peace Jessi Combs

@Dennis Tulli:

RIP honey! You were one of the very best!💕

@Rachel Hankins:

At least she died doing what she loved, in my opinion id much rather that than in a bed watching my life fade away. Sending good thoughts to her family.

The amazing and adventurous driver lost her life to her passion. She actually passed away from blunt force trauma. Rest in peace, Jessi Combs, you inspire women to live on the edge. Share this and offer condolences to her family.

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