Deceased: Journalist & 'Quartz' Editor Lauren Brown Succumbs To Cancer At The Age Of 37

Date October 31, 2019

Deaths from breast cancer are steadily declining, mainly because of early detection. If caught in time, a personalized approach to treatment can save lives. Unfortunately, the morbid disease continues to run against the survival rate.

Here we mourn the loss of another victim - one more breast cancer death.

According to MayoClinic, the cancerous cells can develop in breast area of both females and men but, it's more frequent in women. It is the second most common cancer after skin cancer. In the U.S, awareness is being spread and research funding has helped create advances in the diagnosis as well.

Deceased: Journalist & 'Quartz' Editor Lauren Brown Succumbs To Cancer At The Age Of 37Aquarius Studio / Shutterstock.com

End of a young life

Business Insider informs about the passing of their former contributors' editor, Lauren Brown. She passed away on Tuesday, October 29 after being defeated in her battle against breast cancer. The girl was only 37 and at the height of her career.

During the final days, Lauren worked for Quartz. The news company's CEO and co-founder Zach Seward stated that Brown would be most missed for her mentorship in the newsroom. Her associate at Insider, Nicholas Carlson said:

She [Lauren] was also a kind person, ready to help Business Insider and her former colleagues even after she left the company. We are so sad for her family and friends.

People prayed for her soul

@Darryl Lynch:

Prayers and condolences to her family. Rest in Heaven. 🙏🏾

@Erin Shanley:

Far too young. So sorry for her friends and family 😢

@Thuy Phan:

Condolences to her family and work family at BI.

@Marie Kenya:

She had so much more to do... very sad.

Young deaths are the heaviest on the heart. We can't imagine her family's pain right now. Rest in paradise, Lauren, you'll be remembered. Share this and offer your condolences.

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