Baby Is Back! Jenna Bush Hager Returns To 'Today' Show For Special Halloween Episode And Recreates Iconic 'Dirty Dancing ' Scene

Date November 1, 2019

In August 2019, it was announced that The Today Show co-host, Jenna Bush Hager will be taking a break from her TV appearances as she prepared for the birth of her third child.

It was understood that she needed to focus on her family for a few months but of course, her time away would be felt by fans.

Jenna Bush Hager returns

Jenna recently made a special appearance on the show and she really made an impact.

She returned from her maternity leave and showed up for a Halloween episode on Today. Upon her arrival, she joined the entire cast to recreate what they believed to be the most iconic movie dances.

Jenna had on a Frances "Baby" Houseman costume from the movie Dirty Dancing and she absolutely nailed the look. Co-star Wilie Geist was dressed as dance instructor Johnny Castle and together, they made the perfect on-screen dancing duo.

Jenna and Willie danced to the legendary "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" song. They re-enacted the movie's most memorable moves and even brought in a little bit of humor by going over the top with some steamy dance moves while they twirled on stage.

And when it came time for that epic, unforgettable lift, Jenna ran forward, giving the impression that she was about to be lifted. But as it turned out, Willie ended up hoisting a dummy wearing a pink dress.

It turned out to be quite the TV moment with many people applauding Jenna and Willie's moves.


Fans of Jenna Bush Hager were impressed with her performance and they felt that it was quite the comeback after being away from the show for a while.


That is awesome!!!


So so good!!


This was amazing!


What a comeback Jenna!!! Ya'll were great!

It's one thing to dress like a certain movie character for Halloween but it's quite another to totally nail moves like this. We have to give it up for these two for dedicating themselves to such an awesome performance and for thrilling the crowd as well.

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