Congratulations! Josiah Duggar And Wife Lauren Welcome Their First Child Together Months After "Devastating" Miscarriage

Date November 12, 2019

Lauren Duggar, the wife of Josiah Duggar, is now a proud mom to an adorable child following a heartbreaking miscarriage a few months ago.

In February 2019, the couple posted a joint statement on their Instagram page where they opened up about losing a pregnancy a couple of months prior.

Josiah and Lauren wrote that they initially wanted to keep this to themselves but because people were already anticipating their newborn, they felt it was better to open up about this heartbreaking experience.

The couple said that losing the baby was "devastating" to them both as they were excited to do such thing as hearing the heartbeat, feeling the baby kick and holding the little one.

Lauren Dugger welcomes baby

It's been several months since that difficult ordeal and now Lauren and Josiah have a great reason to celebrate.

The happy couple was thrilled to post a photo of their baby daughter recently. They revealed that the little one arrived on November 8th, 2019 and weighed 6lbs 5oz.

The excited parents shared that the baby's name is Bella Milagro Duggar and expressed that their hearts "are so full."

In one photo, the cute little one was all bundled up in a blanket and wearing an adorable pink hat. And in another snap, mom was seen holding her daughter while sharing a loving kiss with her husband.

It was pretty clear that this was a happy occasion for the family.


Fans have been congratulating this couple following their birth announcement.


Congratulations! She’s beautiful.






CONGRATULATIONS Si and Lauren!!! She is absolutely adorable! What an amazing precious gift from our Lord!

Losing a pregnancy is usually a tough thing for any couple to experience. But many go through this and remain hopeful for better days. Josiah and Lauren eventually got their blessing after that type of pain and today, they have reasons to be joyful.

Congratulations to them.

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