It's Over: 56-Year-Old Johnny Depp Reportedly Ends Relationship With 24-Year-Old Dancer Girlfriend Polina Glen

Date November 18, 2019 16:47

Johnny Depp sparked rumors that things were heating up with his new girlfriend early in 2019.

A source told the UK DailyMail at the time that things were getting quite serious between the Hollywood superstar and his girlfriend, who's 30 years younger than he is.

It was reported that Johnny and his Russian ladylove Polina Glen were already talking marriage as it was reported that the go-go dancer had moved into her actor boyfriend's mansion in Sunset Boulevard.

It was an exciting time for the actor who hadn't been romantically linked to anyone since his divorce from actress Amber Heard was finalized in 2017.

It's Over: 56-Year-Old Johnny Depp Reportedly Ends Relationship With 24-Year-Old Dancer Girlfriend Polina GlenGetty Images / Ideal Image

Johnny and Polina's relationship seemed to be going perfectly since the pair reportedly met at an LA party but unfortunately, their love wasn't to last.

Johnny Depp's girlfriend ends the relationship

After dating for a few months, the couple has now called it quits.

DailyMail reported that 56-year-old Johnny and 24-year-old Polina decided to go their separate ways after the dancer felt she could no longer handle the attention of dating the movie star.

Insiders told the publication that Polina did not only end things with her famous boyfriend but has also returned to her homeland in Russia where she's reported to be keeping her head down.

When they were together, the couple coped with rumors that she was only with him for the money. Nevertheless, they kept their dating life lowkey. But, according to one source:

His level of celebrity and his ongoing battle with Amber grew too much for her.

Reactions to Johnny Depp's 2019 breakup

Fans shared their feedback about Johnny's relationship and subsequent breakup from Polina.

Not all relationships are meant to last and clearly, these two figured out the timing wasn't right for them. However, props to Johnny for putting himself out there after his divorce. Based on these reports, he tried to give love another chance.

So, let's hope his next relationship leap will be a lasting one.

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