Jamie Foxx Swapped 40-Year-Old Katie Holmes For Stunning 26-Year-Old Model Whom He’s Been Secretly Dating For Months, Reports Say

Date November 1, 2019 11:55

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes was such a gorgeous couple but their romance didn’t survive time. The pair announced their breakup in May after a 6-year relationship.

The reason for Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ split hasn’t been revealed but some rumors say that the duo didn’t have a “typical relationship” as they are both fiercely independent people. However, Foxx recently has been spotted with a new love.

Jamie Foxx’s new girlfriend

According to reports, Django Unchained star has been secretly dating a 26-year-old model, Dana Caprio, for months. The 51-year-old actor has already introduced his new girl to his celebrity friends as the pair were seen heading to a star-studded Halloween party.

Earlier, the actor took Carpio, who doubles as a waitress, to a romantic dinner at Beverly Hills’ swanky restaurant.

How did their romance start? A few months after splitting up with Holmes, Foxx has started liking Dana’s revealing photographs on Instagram.

The Hollywood star is known to be very private about his personal life so he hasn’t commented on his new relationship yet.

We’d like to think that Jamie and Kate had a deep connection when they were together, which is something the actor won’t likely find with his 26-year-old girlfriend but we might be wrong!

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