She’s Still Pretty Woman! Julia Roberts Turns 52 Today And Boasts Her Breathtaking Beauty

Date October 28, 2019 13:21

Julia Roberts has just boasted her incredible beauty again! The Pretty Woman showed off her awe-worthy body in a new campaign for Calzedonia.

The Hollywood star donned a stylish pink blazer and a pair of tights as she paraded her stunning legs and a seductive smile.

Roberts’ beauty seems to have frozen in time as she has just turned 52 and still looks like Vivian Ward.

Julia Roberts’ age in 2019

Julia Roberts is known for being one of the biggest and highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Her talent is undeniable and helped her gain many awards, including Oscar for her role in Erin Brockovich.

However, Julia Roberts still puzzles fans with her age-defying looks. The actress turned 52 on October 28 and she still looks breathtakingly beautiful.

That wonderful smile that conquered Hollywood continues to shine brightly on her face and those incredible long legs still make many male hearts skip the beat.

Julia proves that age is just a number and that we should praise natural beauty instead of running after the sleeping-away youth.

Fans send their well-wishes


Happy birthday julie!!!!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Julia, a great smile


happy birthday miss julia Roberts your the best

Today, Roberts is a happy woman, a loving wife, and a caring mother - she seems to have it all. There’s hardly anything we can wish her more other than just to stay the same woman who stole millions of hearts with her charming smile.

Julia Roberts