Johnny Vegas Loses His Beloved Mum, Admitting In His Bittersweet Tribute He Is "Still Incapable Of Processing" His Loss

Date November 20, 2019 16:33

British comedian Johnny Vegas, known for his surreal humor and low-pitched and hoarse voice, has announced the unhappy news of his mother Patricia’s loss of life this week.

Johnny Vegas' mum passed away

Johnny Vegas shared an image of Patricia Pennington, 82 - aka "Ma Vegas" - and wrote a heartfelt tribute in her memory.

Johnny, 49, said in the post that his mum had died last Sunday peacefully in her sleep, before praising her character and calling her “the best”. The comedian admitted he was "incapable of processing" his mother's demise.

Johnny Vegas broke the news to his Twitter followers alongside a photo with Patricia smiling and retaining her canine.

Patricia had main surgical procedure within the first week of November but it’s not identified what the surgical procedure was for.

The mother and son had an incredibly warm relationship. The woman even starred alongside Johnny on Mrs Brown's Boys winning people's hearts with her sincerity and sense of humor.

Fans' reaction to Johnny Vegas' loss

Thousands of his fans have commented to pay their respects and pass on their condolences to Johnny and his family.

Patricia often praised her son’s acting and the kindness he shows his family. She was a great mother and we are pretty sure that her legacy will live on in them.

Those who love us never go away. Our deepest condolences to Johnny and his family during this dark time.

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