Welcome To The World!: “Counting On” Stars Kendra Duggar And Husband Joe Duggar Welcome Baby Number 2

Date November 5, 2019

On-screen, Kendra Duggar and her husband Joe Duggar make marriage look like a walk in the park but what they always remind their fans is that being committed and having kids comes with its own share of struggles.

Kendra and Joseph, who were married in September 2017, dove straight into parenting because they got pregnant just a month after being married. Kendra would later admit on the show that getting pregnant so fast made her doubt her commitment to Joe.

We were so blessed to have Garret right away and we wouldn’t change that but it definitely did add a different dynamic to our marriage. For me, it was kind of hard because I felt like I don’t feel like I’m a good wife.

But as their son got older, they figured out their family’s dynamics and soon enough, they were able to juggle the many tasks in their household by working together.

Kendra Dugger and her husband welcomed baby no. 2

Last Saturday, November 2, Kendra Dugger laid her eyes on her second child, Addison Renee. Sharing the great news with Us Weekly, the couple thanked God for their beautiful baby girl.

She made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts… Children are each a special gift from God and we are so happy our newest blessing is here.

The TLC stars announced the pregnancy 10 months after their son Garret was born in June 2018, as they expressed their great joy.

Children truly are a gift from God. We are so thankful for his safe arrival and this new journey as parents.

Taking care of 2 babies under 2 is surely a tough job and the couple admitted that while it can be quite a task, they will work hard to make sure that they give the best care they can to the little ones.

People had nothing but love for the couple

For fans of TLC's Counting On, news of the new Duggar baby was met with joy and adulation as people congratulated the couple.

@kimberlykurkinen: What a beautiful baby girl! Strong work, Momma! 💛

@cole_rasool: Congratulations 😍❤️she looks so much like kendra...

@deaverpatricia: Congratulations she's beautiful

@johnsonshante: Congrats! She is so beautiful. And I love her name.

A baby is the greatest gift that two people can share and we pray that they get all the love they need from raising their 2 little bundles of joy.

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