Steve Harley Celebrates His 63 Birthday With A Swag After Commenting On Kelly Clarkson

Date January 17, 2020 22:05

Have you ever heard a saying: “When the going gets tough the tough get going”? It’s exactly about Steve Harvey. The NBC network canceled his show years after its successful run, but the TV host didn’t break down in tears. Instead, Steve Harvey negotiated a new morning show with Watch.

The new Steve premiered just a week before Harvey’s 63d birthday. However, the host’s happiness was almost ruined. Steve Harvey step-daughter Lori's rumored beau Future, who is 13 years older than her, recently shared a saucy snap with her.

But it seems that Harvey won’t let anything destroy his birthday party!

Steve Harvey’s birthday

Steve Harvey has just proved he still has some swag as he delighted fans with a birthday video, showing off his new shoes and suit.

Dancing like nobody’s watching, Harvey appeared in a light blue suit, smart black shirt, and shiny dark brown shoes. Damn, he looks good, isn’t he?

Harvey’s video comes just days after he had a candid chat with Ellen DeGeneres where he revealed what he truly thinks about Kelly Clarkson, who took over his old show’s spot.

He commented:

I like Kelly Clarkson. I’m happy for her. One of my friends said, ‘Man, that’s really big of you to be happy for somebody who replaced your show.' I said, 'No, I’m happy for her.' He said, ‘So you watch [her show]?' I said, ‘I ain’t that happy!'

That’s a great answer and we hope he meant what he said.

But why his old show was canceled?

Here’s what we know about it:

  • it wasn’t because of the ratings;
  • it wasn’t because of Steve himself;
  • Harvey’s show wasn’t actually owned by NBC so the TV host made a deal with a different network while allowing NBC to continue distributing it;
  • NBC wanted their own talk show.

So there weren’t any scandals involved. When you look clearly at the whole situation, it actually makes sense that Harvey was let go. He owns his show anyway so now he is simply airing it on a different network. So it seems like the new 2020 is starting on a good note for the beloved host.

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